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The Miraculous Whitecross of Colachel

"The Whitecross of Colachel" at the altar of Thirusiluvai Nather Prayer Center is a spiritual power source to eradicate the Evil Powers from the mind, body and life of many people. People are streaming to it for relief and deliverance and for various benefits. The Whitecross of Colachel is a miraculous cross that is full of life and spirit. The blissful experiences from this cross cause many people atttracted towards it and those who come there enjoy heavenly blessings and joy. Many people surprisingly feel pulsate in the cross that shows that Jesus is alive in it. Often many pilgrims physically feel a kind of pulling force from the cross that drag them towards it. While they catch hold of the cross with a prayerful mind receive heavenly graces and spiritual gifts that make them live happily in the world. The soil and small pebles of Calvary are at the bottom of this cross. The power and redemption of Calvary Cross flows through this White Cross that leads many to feel consolance in their life.

A Holy Image of Jesus depicted in Mark 15:17-19, Matthew 27:28-29 and John 19:1-5 is in front of the Whitecross that is also a center of attraction as the pilgrims experience celestial messages from the face of this Holy Image that is named in Tamil 'Thirusiluvai nather' - Jesus with cross. Keralites affectionately call him 'Colachel Nathen'. The Lord Jesus calls you too from the Whitecross of Colachel.

Visionaries witness the power of the Lord Jesus that goes around the whole world from the altar of this Whitecross of Colachel Shrine that purify and prepare the world for the Era of Peace. There will be an Era of Peace- the Kingdom of God in this world where the Will of the Heavenly Father will be done on earth as it is done in Heaven where the whole humanity will come to know Jesus and have the real relationship with him. Everybody will enjoy the full contentment of life where Jesus alone will be the king and God. There shall be one Shepherd and one flock. There shall no evil powers prevail in this world that will be eradicated completely from the world.

We feel the mighty power and persence of the Holy Trinity in the Whitecross who is capable of accomplishing the Era of Peace in this world. Anything is possible for Jesus. Amen!


Thirusiluvai nather prayer Center is also called Whitecross Center that is situated at Simon Colony, Colachel, Kanyakumari district, Tamil nadu, South India. It belongs to Simon Colony Latin Catholic Parish of Kottar Diocese. It is 60 km away from Trivandrum towards south.

From Trivandrum - Every 10 minutes we have bus services from Trivandrum to Nagercoil. Take the bus and get down at the place named 'Azhahiya mandapam' and take the bus to Colachel. Or Take the direct bus from Trivandrum to Colachel. But there is no frequent bus service from Trivandrum to Colachel.

From Nagercoil - ( For those who come via Tamil nadu) Frequent bus services are availabe from Nagercoil to Colachel.

From Colachel Beach Junction take deviation to Simon Colony and just before reaching Simon Colony Parish Church get into the cement pocket road where you reach the prayer center.

Founder & Administrator:

The Founder of this Shrine is Bro.M.C. Lopez BA.,BL., PGDCA., DIP. a Marian Devottee and Advocate who established and developed it 25 years ago as per the direction and guidance of Holy Spirit that he rceived in a very distinct manner. Presently he donated it to the Diocese and thereby to the Parish. Even though this Prayer Center presently belongs to Simon Colony Parish, it is administered by Bro. M.C. Lopez with the consent of Simon Colony Parish Council. He is also the President of Evangelization Team of 'Commission for Evangelization' of Kottar Diocese.

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