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History of the White Cross,



Call of my son from the womb:

On November 1981, when my wife Francisca bore our eldest son in her womb, I got a distinct divine message from the holy picture of Sacred Heart of Jesus that we used for our family prayer. Jesus told me from the holy picture that the child in the womb of my wife is male that I should offer him for the mission of Jesus the God Almighty.

Life changing experience:

On 20 th May 1982 at 8.30AM, my eldest son Immanuel Ditto was born at the Lourdes Hospital in Cochin , Kerala , India . Again I got another divine message from the very same holy picture of Sacred Heart of Jesus on the 10 th month of the child. Jesus asked me to offer the child to Mother Velankanni as her own child. Accordingly, I brought the child to Velankanni with my wife. I had a strong divine experience as I started offering that changed my life entirely. (I explained this in detail in another article about my son.) Within one year, I found myself changed by Holy Spirit and I was leading a holy life. I forsake my Advocate profession as it was a hindrance to my holy life.

Miraculous healing:

There was a St.Antony's Church at Puliampatty, Palayamkottai Diocese, Trinelveli Dt., Tamil nadu that was a pilgrim center. On March 1985, I had a strong inducement by Holy Spirit to go to that church and maintain a silent fasting prayer for 5 days. Filled by Holy Spirit I went there. The very same day, just before I started my silent prayer the Lord performed a miracle through me. A man was seriously ill and all around him are expecting his death. At that time the Lord gave me an inspiration to pray for him. I started prayer and I saw a group of evil spirits get out of his body and bound by the power of St. Antony of Puliampatty. The man in death bed was miraculously healed and he got up, sat normally and asked for some porridge. The duration of prayer was almost 5 to 6 minutes. In the same evening another incidence was happened that a young lady whose limbs were paralyzed and inactive under the hip was miraculously healed during my short prayer with a song for Mother Mary. These two incidences strengthened my faith that the Lord is with me my strength and might.

Silent fasting prayer:

Then the Lord asked me to undergo the silent fasting prayer. On the 5 th day of my prayer I got a clear vision during the Holy Mass. I saw in the vision a path way that was on the northern side of the salt pan that is at Simon Colony, Colachel, Kanyakumari Dt., Tamil Nadu, India . At that time, the area belonged to Colachel parish of Kottar Diocese. Now the area belongs to the parish of Simon Colony of Kottar Diocese.

Jesus walked along the Salt pan:

I saw Jesus walking along the path way of the salt pan. Jesus was very tired and haggard looking who wore a small piece of cloth on his hip. He came from west and proceeded towards east and took a turn to south at the place where the white cross is situated now. He walked further towards south and stopped at a place that is surrounded by water at that time. But in my vision, I saw the water logged area as a high land where a rock was there. The rock was spacious enough to sit for 5 to 6 people. Jesus stepped upon the rock and sat there in a posture as if he is taking rest. I saw his log of hair is moving about in the breeze.

Sat there for consolation:

I noted that Jesus was very tired and expected consolation. I asked him why he was looked like that. The Lord spoke to me through locution, “I am suffering such agony due to the sin of the whole world that I am unable to tolerate. I need console. You go unto the entire world, bring people here and make them good through that I will get console. I am sitting here for my consolation”. I asked him, “Oh Lord, may I construct a “shrine tower here?” But the Lord showed me a chapel the entrance of which is from West. It was a Portuguese type of architecture. The vision ended. I realized the truth that Jesus gets console and comfort when the humanity repents for its sin and undergoes a real conversion. If the sin is diminishing from the world then the hardship of sin becomes lesser for Jesus.

The salt pan:

The salt pan of Simon Colony comprised of 88 acres of land where production of salt had been stopped for a long time so that it laid a waste land with marsh and bushes. There was a dispute between government and a private party regarding the title of the land. It was a puramboke land (government land) as per revenue records but a private party claimed ownership of the land and a civil suit was pending in the court between them. In the meanwhile, many people were encroaching the land little by little. So the government declared a preventive order under section 144 Cr.p.c. and tried to cast out the encroachers.

Spiritual fire in the salt pan:

In these aggressive situations, the Lord had walked along the side of the salt pan and sat there and asked me to construct the chapel. I was waiting for a favorable atmosphere to construct the chapel. On October 15 th 1985, I was praying in my prayer room with my group. During the prayer, we had a divine experience. A huge fire ball was descending from heaven and filled the prayer room and we saw that the whole room was burning with spiritual fire. We too were burned with fire. Then the fire took a course towards the place where Jesus had walked and sat that was a portion of the salt pan of Simon Colony. The fire filled that area and we saw the whole place was burning vigorously with the spiritual fire that devoured all the evil powers loitering there. The whole place looked like a fire of lake and the fire got down into the earth and we saw the lake of fire was being just beneath the ground level.

Installing white cross:

At that time I had a divine message to install a long white cross in that area. I installed the white cross at the same night where Jesus took a turn while he was walking on that area. Actually the place was exactly identified by Holy Spirit. As I was shutting my eyes, the power of Holy Spirit lead me to the exact place and made me installing the white cross there. Twelve more people were with me when I install the white cross.

Fasting prayer of 41 days:

But the place where I installed the white cross was a marshy place where a large numbers of poisonous snakes and other kind of reptiles and worms came out from the nearby bushes and creeping everywhere. The Lord asked me again to undergo meditation and fasting prayer at the foot of white cross for 41 days. There was no facility to stay there as it was an open ground without any roof. The place is marshy place with bushes and thorns and every kind of venomous snakes and worms and reptiles were creeping there. So my wife Francisca did not like me to go and sit there. She tried to stop me. However 2 days later, when I was attending the Holy mass in the morning, the lord gave her a message through a divine experience so that she allowed me to go there for the fasting prayer. I sat at the foot of the white cross for the prayer of 41 days. There was a roof made by a tar pal that covered only the white cross and the picture of the crucified Jesus and Bible. I was exposed to the sky. A small boy was with me to assist.

Heavenly Protection:

During the prayer snakes were creeping here and there along the side of the cross, but they did not harm me. But however, when I awoke in the morning, I saw dead snakes here and there that were killed by crushing on the heads. I thought that Mother Mary or Holy Angels might have done that. Then the Asst. Parish Priest of Colachel came to the place and blessed and sprinkled the holy water on the cross.

Agitation of the villagers:

In the meanwhile, my villagers agitated against me saying that I was playing a cunning plot to encroach the government land. Everybody started insulting me and looked at me with despise as if I was a crooked man who is encroaching the government land in the name of white cross. Even some of my family members insulted me. The people belonged to RSS lodged complaints against me to the District Collector stating that I had encroached the government land under the pretext of religion. All the people acted vehemently against me to remove the white cross from the place.

The visits of Revenue Officers:

The Village Officer and the Revenue Inspector came to the spot and asked me to remove the cross from that place. I answered them, “The one who created the whole world selected a place for him to reside in this world. No human authority has power to prohibit him.” They asked my reply in writing. I did so. And I added in writing about the area in which the chapel is to be built and the meditation garden to be formed that is in front of the chapel. The area of meditation garden that the Lord shown to me was up to the high rock that is west side of the white cross. I informed them in the same writing that all those areas should belong to the Lord of white cross as his own for His special purpose.

The Visit of Thasildhar:

After that, Kalkulam Thasildhar came to me and asked me to remove the white cross. I replied, “The Lord God commanded me to plant a white cross here and so I did it. I will not remove it. If you want, you are free to plug it off. Nobody including me will obstruct you. Already the whole village is against it and even my family members severely protesting against me. But one thing that the cross will not be removed and it will be there as it is. The reason is that it was installed under the command of the Lord God Almighty.” The Thasildhar decided to remove the cross and put forward a step towards the cross. What a surprise, he could not move further towards the cross. He stood still for about 5 minutes. Then he retreated and went away with his fellow members.

Spiritual power with great force:

Thasildhar directly went to the R.D.O. the Sub-Collector of our place and reported, “There was no one who prevents us to remove the cross. But there was a power that pushed me back with a great force so that I could not move forward to remove the cross.” The Sub-Collector criticized him saying if there is any such power even in the 20 th century. He said, “Ok, I will go tomorrow with police battalion and see the cross plugged off.” An office Assistant was with them when they had the conversation. He informed me about this.

The visit of Sub Collector:

In the next morning a CID police constable came to me and told, “Today, the Sub Collector is going to visit this place with police battalion. He will come and remove the cross and also arrest you. If you are arrested, it will be an insult to your father's name who was once very honorable person in the locality. So you remove the cross now itself.” But I did not heed to his advice. However, on that day, I was really afraid of the Sub Collector for the first time because he may remove the cross as he is of a higher authority.

As usual I went to the Holy Mass in the morning in the presentation Church of Colachel. I present the problem to God. The Lord gave me a vision that the infant angels descended from heaven and surrounded the white cross in a circle safeguarding it from the officers. I heard the sound of the Lord, “Is it enough?” I replied, “Oh Lord it is enough.” I returned to the white cross and continued my prayers.

The might of Lord:

A boy hurried to me and cried, “Police Jeeps and vans in many number are coming.” I realized the situation but I continued my prayer. The Sub Collector, other revenue officers and the Police officers stopped their vehicles on the road that is near to the white cross. The moment the Sub Collector touched his feet on the road, a severe lightning and thunderbolt occurred with a great noise and the Sub Collector withdrew his leg with a jerk and sat in the Vehicle. All of a sudden there was a severe storm and rain. A strange atmosphere was prevailing there with lightning, thunderbolt, cyclonic storm and great noise of rain. The situation was worsening and there was a dreadful atmosphere and situation. The Sub Collector asked his revenue officers and other police officers to go back and they all returned to their places without disturbing us.

Shed built by some youth:

After some days, the villagers of Simon Colony who were Catholic Christians decided to remove the cross as they thought by mistake that I was conducting the prayer of Pentecostals. Some youth of Simon Colony came to me in the dark at night with the intention of removing the cross. At that time, I was praying with my prayer group members at the foot of white cross in a candle light. I could not see anything as it was very dark but I heard some sound as if some group of people walking towards me along the water. The white cross was surrounded by water of the salt pan. They have to come to the white cross only through the water. But for us there was another way through the land. All of a sudden we heard the sound of people falling into the water. Some times later they came to me trembling and soaked with water. I asked them, “Why are all of you wet? Why do you come here in the night?” They said, “We came here to remove the cross but we do not what happened. We could not come near to the cross. Every body of us fell into the water one by one. We don't know the reason. We are afraid as if we are doing wrong against this white cross. Please tell as what have we to do for this white cross?” I told them, “I need a small shed here. I will provide the materials. Will you build it for me?” They obliged and they built a small shed around the white cross in the next morning itself. Then I continued my 41days fasting prayer.

The visit of The District collector:

Some weeks passed by and The District Collector of Kanyakumari District wanted to visit the place where I had installed the cross. Every body thought that he will come and remove the cross. But God did wonder that the District Collector standing in a distance of 150 meter away from the white cross delivered an oral direction to issue a B.memo in my name regarding the area which I claimed. With that, all the problems raised by RSS people and all the tensions about the white cross in the government office came to an end and there was prevailing a peaceful atmosphere for a while.

Protest of Simon Colony village:

Days and weeks were passed by and the villagers of Simon Colony and Colachel began to grumble against this prayer center out of jealousy. However, the people from the village of Kodimunai , Vaniakudi and Kurumbanai came there in crowd and attended the prayers. The Lord did many wonders in their life. So, many people began to gather there in crowd from all around and attended the prayer conducted there. But the envious Simon Colony villagers rose against the prayer center without proper reason. I approached the leaders of the village and explained the matters to them. I also went to the Parish Priest of Colachel and explained the matters. They told me, “Ok it is good”. But they acted hostile to me on my back.

My grievance towards God:

Almost all the villagers of Simon Colony and Colachel looked down at me as if I was an insane person. As I was walking in the street, young girls were mocking behind me and criticized me with a loud voice as if I was doing a ludicrous thing. All my friends and almost all my relatives rejected me with despise.

I prayed to God thus: “Oh God, I was practicing an honorable Advocate Profession. I was well off with all the comforts and facilities. You destroyed my wealth and pruned me. You brought and set me here a dirty and marshy place. All are looking at me as if I am an insane person. As I am walking in the street, young girls are mocking behind me as if I am doing a ridiculous thing. All my friends and almost all my relatives rejected me with despise. I am considered and rejected as if I am rubbish. Why Lord, why did you bring me unto this desperate condition? I am also suffering by poverty. Why did you permit me in such a pathetic condition?”

The answer from the Lord:

The Lord Jesus revealed a message from the white cross, “This white cross is a seed of a great plan that will change and reshape the face of the whole world. This seed will sprout out and grow like a big banyan tree where every kind of birds will come and take rest on it,” That means, the plan of God regarding the white cross will emerge and grow big that will cause the entire humanity finding consolation and rest. The Lord continued his message, “The power starts from the white cross will go and spread unto the entire globe and destroy the power centers of evil forces and there by establish the Era of Peace in perfection. The power and redemption flow from the Cross of Calvary will flow from this white cross. Calvary Cross is spiritually joined with this white cross. This is the heavenly plan through Mother Mary. I will educate and prepare you all at the foot of the white cross and send to the whole world. You will bring Hindus, Buddhist, Muslims and at last Jews into Jesus. The Era of Peace will emerge in this world. If the world heeds to the voice of Mother Mary, there will be Era of Peace in this world with out blood shedding. If the humanity does not heed to the cry of Mother Mary sure, there will be blood shedding like a flood and then Era of Peace will emerge in this world. I have called you the servant of this great mission” I recognized the great call of the Lord, for that, this kind of sufferings and agonies are inevitable.  

Grand miracles:

During the prayers, Lord continued his great miracles amidst the agonies. A blind girl miraculously healed and she began to see clearly. She is living even now. A deaf and dumb girl was healed and began to speak and hear. The Lord brought out a man alive who had sunk into the sea for hours together. He was from the village of Kurumbanai . Even in the Persian Gulf , the Lord performed a great miracle by bringing up alive a fisherman who had sunk into the sea and was under the water for about 8 hours. He was from our locality who had gone for fishing in the Persian Gulf . At the time of sinking, both of those men had prayed God, “Oh! Thiru Siluvai natha” (Oh Jesus who is in the altar of white cross) save me.” After a while, they felt that a hand lifted both of them and got them out of water.

The Lord Jesus in the altar of white cross is affectionately called by the people as, “Thiru siluvai nather” that is in Tamil Language. The meaning is “The Lord Jesus of White Cross.”

Agitating sorcerers were banished:

Poverty, despise, rejection and all kinds of sufferings fell upon me. Sorcerers also rose against me since the power of the white cross was a fatal blow for them. They began to attack me through evil spirits by various kinds of black magic and “homams” - (a type of ceremony with sacrifice in sorcery). But however the Lord gave me power and wisdom to discern the evil spirits and their tricks. The Lord gave me victory over every kind of demons and dangerous and atrocious evil spirits that tried to attack me in many ways. The Lord was with me to eradicate them even with the magical power of sorcerers. Thus the power of white cross banished every kind of magicians and sorcerers around the locality even with their magical powers.

The Lord trained me:

The Lord trained me through Holy Spirit how to pray, how to conduct retreat and how to meditate. The Lord lead me deep into the soul through that, I realize the various stages and states of the souls. It helped me to heal inner wounds, mental agonies and burdens, psychic disorders, etc. of others. The souls that were affected by the power of darkness were cleansed by Holy Spirit through that many felt comfort and console. Only thing that they have to do is to sit by me and praise the Lord. The Lord used to reveal the inner wounds, memories of bitter experiences, and negative spiritual elements that are present in the souls that affect one's life in many ways. The Lord used to guide me to go deep into the soul of others and cleanse them with Holy Spirit. I found them after that entirely changed experiencing mental peace, comfort and console. Since then they were able to lead a good life. Bad habits and misbehaviors were miraculously disappeared from them.

Permission granted by bishop:

On those days there was no Bishop in my diocese as he had been promoted Arch Bishop of Madurai. I went to the Administrator and explained all the incidences of white cross. He asked me to tell all these things to the forth coming bishop. The most Rev. Bishop Leon Dharmaraj became our bishop and I explained all the matter and he permitted me to run the prayer center.

Gave me answers for Pentecostals:

After several months, the Lord began to give me clarifications regarding the questions raised by Pentecostals against Roman Catholic faith and teachings. All were with biblical references. I noted down all the dictations given by Lord. I edited and formed them in nine topics. These topics are fully supported by biblical references that were quite enough to answer the questions and doubts raised by Pentecostals. I took 3 years to complete this task. Latter, I published the nine topics in three languages with the imprimatur of my bishop Most Rev. Leon Dharmaraj and appreciation letters from Cardinal Varkey Vithayathil and Arch Bishop Sara, Secretary to the Congregation of faith, Vatican . The name of the book is “The Light of Truth” in English, “Unmayin velicham” in Tamil and “Sathiyathinte pragasam” in Malayalam. The Tamil book is used in the Poonamalli seminary, Chennai. The books are appreciated by many readers as they are extremely useful for them.  

Pentecostals in Srilanka:

Before publishing those books, the Lord commanded me to go to Srilanka with the script of the nine topics in the year 1989. Jesus wanted me work among the Pentecostals in Srilanka. In those days, Pentecostals were dominating over Catholic faith in Srilanka. They spread everywhere among Catholics and demolished their faith. Catholic faith was rudely shaken among the piety and even among the large number of clergy. Pentecostals found out each and every bible reader of Catholic Church and taught them with wrong interpretation of bible quotations. They were all carried away by their wrong teachings and they moved to Pentecostals in flock.

My voyages to Srilanka:

At that time, I had no means to go to Srilanka. I prayed God and the Lord sent a family from Tuticorin to the white cross of Colachel. His name was Patrick Fernando. He was a sailing cargo boat owner. His son Gracious was seriously ill and was fore shaken by the doctors of American Hospital . The Lord of the white cross Jesus miraculously healed him in 3 days. So I managed to get a Seaman Passport through him and I went with him to Srilanka by Cargo Sailing Boat. I went there eleven times in three years and the Lord of white cross did great things that the Pentecostals returned to Catholic faith in many parishes in flock.  

Voyages through dangerous route:

Ten out of eleven journeys I went through Sailing Cargo Boat. The Sailing Cargo Boat by which I went to Srilanka was very small one as we compare it with other usual Sailing Boats of Tuticorin. This type of small Sailing Cargo Boats never made a trip through Kolappan kadal in the rough season of May, June or July when the waves are very rough and highly dangerous there to pass by. The first voyage we had to go in the rough season. Kolappan kadal route is a short route through that we can reach Colombo within 24 to 30 hours. But if we go by the safest route we have to travel for 7days via Rameswaram and Thalamannar that is very expensive and time consuming so that small Sailing Cargo Boats were not operated between Tuticorin and Srilanka in the rough season. The Captain (Thandal) asked me, “I believe that the Lord Jesus of white cross is with us. Won't he protect us to reach safely through Kolappan Kadal?” Kolappan Kadal is an area in the sea that is in between Tuticorin and Colombo where Indian Ocean, Bay of Bengal and Arabian Sea are meeting together in the deep seas. There are always prevailing very rough and dangerous waves that usually slash from all the sides of the Boat. I answered, “The Lord asked me to go for a mission in Srilanka among Pentecostals. I have to be there. So the Lord will help us to reach Srilanka safely.” During the prayer, the Lord on white cross gave me a message that there was a dangerous spot where our life would be in risk. But the Lord assured me if I ask for help, he will come and do wonders and we will be saved. So we ventured the first voyage to Colombo the capital city of Srilanka through Kolappan Kadal with mental courage.  

Danger suppressed by God:

The captain awakes me in the midnight saying, “We are sinking! Get up and pray to God.” I got up and saw that our Boat was sinking into the sea as there were huge waves slashed against the boat from all the sides. The area was the Kolappan Kadal. I understood that it was the danger that the Lord informed me through the message. I prayed God to save us and the Lord heard our prayers. Within five minutes we saw a type of strange waves that were rising by the side of our boat and proceeded against the huge waves that are slashing on the boat. Thus the force of the waves that were slashing against our boat was suppressed. This process continues to four or five hours. Within that time we crossed the area of Kolappan Kadal and then it was morning. At last we reached Colombo . The voyage was very tedious but the Lord gave me a good result in the first voyage itself. I stayed there for thirteen days. On the twelfth day, God gave me a chance to deliver a talk in the Arch diocesan church of Kotehna . Thus I got the connection and relationship with the people of Srilanka.  

Miracle in the return voyage:

It was a noon time on the thirteenth day of my first voyage. We were in the boat, preparing for the return journey to India . We were in the Colombo harbor. Our captain came to me and told, “See Brother Lopez, huge waves are slashing over the walls of the harbor! This indicates that the sea is very rough in the deep sea.” I prayed God to calm down the waves. I saw the presence of God the Father and immediately after the prayer, we witnessed that the sea became calm and quite just like a lake and we reached India traveling on the calm sea up to Tuticorin. We saw turtles and whales came to the surface of the water and played happily by the side of our boat on our return journey.

Our Captain told me that it was a great miracle because he never experienced such a calm sea in the month of May, June and July that are the months of rough waves. Only in the months of January, February and March the sea is used to be calm where turtles and whales come to the surface of the sea and play. They will not come to the surface in the rough season. But the Lord changed the nature of the season and the turtles and whales come to the surface of the sea and played. We glorified God the Father and the Lord of white cross until we reached Tuticorin harbour.

The net result of my voyages:

As I told, the Lord of white cross sent me there eleven times with the script of nine topics. The resolute fort of Pentecostals in Srilanka was demolished and the Catholics sustained in their Catholic faith. The Lord changed the entire atmosphere among Tamil people and to some extent, Sinhalese people around Colombo , Necombo and in Trincomalee Baticoloa Diocese. They returned to Catholic faith in group by group. The most Rev. Bishop Kingsly Swami pillai who is the bishop of Trincomaali cherished me with gifts and letter of appreciation. I submitted them to my Bishop Most Rev. Bishop Leon A. Dharmaraj who blessed me happily. All are due to the grace of God Almighty who is alive in the white cross of Colachel. These incidences gave me an added strength to my faith in the white cross and in the revelations revealed to me. The Lord gave me a message that this will happen in future through out the whole world.  

My great agony:

Even though the Lord gave me these types of spiritual powers and wisdom of preaching and writing, I was not accepted and recognized by some Hippocratic clergies. The reason was that I was running the prayer center in the purampoke area (government land). They considered me as an encroacher. They looked down and contemptuous on me that lead people in general reluctant to receive me that pulled me down. It was a big draw back for me. So, I told myself that my strength and my weakness are my white cross and Thirusiuvai nather.  

End time messages and others:

The Lord of white cross is continuously performing even now great miracles to those who come to his feet. I did not mention about all those things. The Lord gave me End time messages with exact bible references that I published in the name of, “This is the End time” in my web site www.whitecrosscolachel.com/books.htm . Now he is also giving me messages regarding ‘Christian answers to our Muslim brothers' and ‘Messiah for Jews' that I am presently working on them. 

Now Recognized Pilgrim Center :

After a long twenty five years, now this Shrine of white cross is recognized and accepted by the church and it belongs to Simon Colony Parish of Kottar Diocese. It is the 25 th years. Many pilgrims often visit this place and enjoy the spiritual bliss here. The Lord continuing the miracles every day is alive in the altar of white cross and among the people who pave the way to attain its dictum. I was also recognized by the church and now I am working in the Commission for Evangelization of Kottar Diocese. The Lord prepares me the humble servant and meek instrument to act in the great work of establishing the Era of Peace in this world. Amen.